About Santa…(week 2 of Santa Prompts)

Okay, that we’ve started the Santa prompts, let’s expand.


What was his full birth name?

Was he born Santa?

What color was his hair?

Who were his parents?

How much did he weigh?

What was the name of the town he was born in?


What was his childhood like?  Was it whimsical? Ordinary? Filled with reindeer and toys? Did he have any siblings? Who were his friends? Any favorite pets?

“There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.” – JK Rowling

Take us there….

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Santa Prompts

Hello all! We hope you are enjoying this holiday season!

As we prepare for our New Years classes, we’ve had some requests for writing prompts so here we go…

Tell us about Santa!

What year Santa was born, what was his birth name, his parents’ names, what did his parents do and what was the name of the town in the North Pole he was born in?

santaHave fun!!!

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Putting it Together…

Fiction is a fantastic world of make-believe – characters, worlds and wicked plots – all created by YOU. Where else do you get to do that? (Acting is close, but remember, they’re still starting with a script! – unless total improv.)
We’ve explored characters, plot and setting. Let’s put these together in three scenes: one in the beginning of  your story; one in the middle; and one towards the end.


Show us what you’ve got!


Set Building…

set building


Using the notes and images you captured from last week’s exercise, write two scenes (1 narrative, 1 dialogue) to bring your story’s surroundings to life.

Remember, strong writing uses strong words.

Keep this in mind when your pen/pencil wants to add excessive verbage:

Prose is architecture, not interior decoration.
                                                           – Ernest Hemingway

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