Happy Halloween!

Happy halloweenGood morning CyberCafe!!!

We hope you are all enjoying this whimsical holiday weekend! Days like today are perfect for the note-taking writer. Observation and detail are key in character development and today brings us a whole HOST of characters!

Just a reminder while you’re out and about AND an excellent addition to help with the exercise we posted yesterday. Here is the link in case you missed it.

Finding Your Character

We are starting to post very short, simple exercises and/or quotes on our blog once a week for our audience, and as extra-curricular for our students. Some of you may have already had some of these exercises incorporated in one of your lessons but they are good skill builders, much like playing scales on your instrument.

Writing is truly a fascinating world and we hope you are enjoying your time with us!

If you are working on lessons, please be sure to follow up and get them back to your instructor. Keeping some kind of structured schedule is another KEY element of being a successful writer.

If you have not signed up with us yet, we hope you consider it! If you’re not sure how we work, we’d like to offer you a complementary class.

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For those of you returning, wanting to sign up, and/or referring someone to us, our Fall Workshops for Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction are now open.

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We will offer a free class for any referral that signs on, so please help us spread the word!!!

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