Developing Your Character

Hello Fellow Writers!

We hope you had some fun with last week’s simple exercise. Now that you’ve gotten your description together, here’s a next step to help you develop your character.

• Who is this person? (name, occupation, age, gender, etc.)
• What does this person want in life? (job, money, love, fame, justice, etc…)
• When is this person alive? (2015, 1550, 2089)
• Where does this person live or come from? (outerspace, under the sea, the North Pole, New York, China, India, etc…)
• Why does your character have a story to tell and why would that story be important to the reader? – Crucial.

Open your minds and have some fun developing your character. Use index cards or a helpful filing system. Organization is another key element to successful writing.

Until next week!!!


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