Let’s work on setting. Here are a few simple questions to get started:

      • What year/era is your story taking place (2016, 450AD, 3500bc, 2074, etc)?
      • Where is your story taking place? (space, undersea, England, North Pole, California, forest, cave?)
      • Is it urban or rural?
      • Describe the trees/landscape/buildings/scenery?
      • What sounds do you hear? (train, birds, cars, cows, wind, waves, martians?)
      • Where is the pivotal point of the story? (inside a house, office, bar, park, space, ski-lift, beach, graveyard, etc)

If you get stuck, get outside – visit a coffee shop, park, etc., with a notebook. Jot down everything you see, hear, touch, feel.

If you can’t get outside, here are some images to help…

 Have fun!!!


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