Harmoni Productions strives to provide excellent services for clients, students, colleagues and those striving to break into print. Our sister affiliate, ScreaminMamas, allows us the flexibility to not only provide courses, resources and instruction but also the ability to help publish students’ work.

Our Cyber Cafe will act as a learning and resource center for anyone wanting to delve into the world of writing. Whether an ad, article, blog, commercial, documentary, essay, feature, movie, presentation, promotion, radio spot, short story, slogan, television show… whatever…  it all starts with the written word.

Our instructors will attempt to help you understand the makings of deep and lovable characters, lively settings, moving dialogue, devious plots, engaging narrative and more.

Whether you are a beginner, teen, young adult, or just looking to brush-up or hone your skills, we hope to bring you the encouragement, inspiration, resources and tools needed to take your writing to the next level.

Please note we also have a sister site in the works, Little Miss, that was originally designed for GirlScouts, but is now being open to all young, budding writers looking for inspiration and a place to start. Everything is a process!

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